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Using play to create a Child-Centered Curriculum in the early years of school.

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 Play-based child-centred and developmentally appropriate education: the Early Education Reform Group 1980 - 1999

This is a storage for the material produced by the Early Education Reform Group (EERG) in Queensland during the 1980s and 1990s.

EERG was established as a public lobby group with active involvement of teachers, parents, and interested community members. Its aims were:

  • To provide for all interested people simple relevant information regarding children’s growth and development, and of what “readiness” really means.
  • To inform parents of the facts regarding entry age (Education Act 1964-70 S 4 states – “ The age of compulsory attendance shall be not less than 6 years, and not more than 15 years”
  • To work towards a more flexible, preferably ungraded system in the early years of school, with groups small enough to allow for individualised teaching from a specially trained teacher, which will allow children at all times to proceed at their own pace.

Over the period of 1980s and 1990s EERG was successful in promoting its early childhood philosophy widely amongst leading educators and politicians of both parties.

About EERG: More information about the wide range of activities that EERG carried out, as well as current outcomes from that work, can be found in this section of this website.

EERG Leaflets: In this section, you can also download all of the leaflets which were produced for public educational purposes, as well as discussion papers by some of EERG members.

Links: Links to useful websites etc based on the three principles of play-based, child-centred and developmentally appropriate education.

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