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Using play to create a Child-Centered Curriculum in the early years of school.

The more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core. David Sobel

Documents about the EERG philosophy

  • Curriculum - It's Cramping My Style : A paper presented by Lil Gwyther and Noelene McBride at a Qld Curriculum Conference in 1990 at Griffith University.   Published in the Conference Papers, entitled Critical perspectives on  students as human capital and a curriculum for social justice : proceedings of a conference on Curriculum Directions for the 1990's held at Griffith University on 27-29 June 1990.
  • Unravelling the Mysteries of Multi-Age Grouping: A booklet produced by EERG in 1987.
  • Providing Challenging Learning Environments : A paper presented by Jane Hogben at the Multiage - Why & How Conference, in Brisbane 1995.
  • Family Grouping : A short flyer from the Tsmanian Education Dept about the benefits of family grouping (or multi-age schooling).

Leaflets produced by EERG

  • Diary of a Child's Thoughts : A widely popular short story on the contradictions between children's needs and the pressures of a rigid schooling system, with illustrations by cartoonist Alan Moir. Was widely reproduced in other publications.
  • Getting Started : Some thoughts and practical suggestions for parents when their child is starting school. 
  • Coming Ready or Not: A discussion of the developmental stages as children grow - and how these should be accomodated by a flexible schooling system. 
  • Are You Deciding on your child's school?: Some matters worth considering by new parents looking for a school which is based on a child-centred approach to learning. 
  • Has your child been graded yet: A leaflet by the Tasmanian Education Department which highlights the very variable rates at which children develop.

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