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You and Your Child – radio programs

A series of 20 minute radio talkback interviews on local Brisbane ABC radio during 1983-84

These cover many topics of direct interest to parents and teachers of young children.-

  • What to expect from your 2yr old, 3yr old and 4 yr old?
    Your child's needs
  • Starting school
  • Readiness for school
  • Play, toys and their environment.

For each talk below, you can play it directly, or download the audio as a podcast

Ready for School? What is school readiness? 1983 9 Sept

Ready for School?

Developmental spread with age

1983 23 Sept

Ready for School?

Emotional readiness

1983 14 Oct

Ready for School?

Confidence in creative activities

1983 28 Oct

Ready for School?

What can parents do?  

1983 11 Nov

Ready for School?

Parent talkback 

1983 29 Nov

Readiness for School

School entry age in 1983 


Ready for School?

More parent talkback 



Your child's development

Basic Intro - How young children develop 

1983 11 March

Your child's needs

Social, emotional, physical and intellectual 

1983 25 March

Your child's needs


1983 8 April

Your child's needs

Love, attention and responses 

1983 13 May

Your child's needs

Difference between Social and Emotional needs 

1983 27 May

Disciplining your child

How to, and some negative impacts 

1983 24 Jun

What to expect from your child

2  yr old 

1983 8 Jul

What to expect from your child

2 - 3 yr old 

1983 22 Jul

What to expect from your child

3 - 4 yr old 

1983 5 aug

What to expect from your child

5  yr old 

1983 19 aug


Your Child - 2 - 3 yr old

Making their environment better 

1984 9 Apr

Your Child - 2 - 3 yr old

Play for children 

1984 18 May

Your Child - 3 - 4 yr old

Toys and learning at home 

1984 19 June

Your Child - Father's role

 Your Child - Father's role  

1984 14 Aug

Your Child -  Outdoor play - and learning

 Your Child -  Outdoor play - and learning  

1984 Oct

Your Child - Pressures in early school years

More parent talkback  

1984 Dec


Starting School

The first day Part I  

1984 28 Jan

Starting School

The first day - Part II  

1990 Feb

Starting school - some problems

 Starting school - some problems  

1985 Jan

Play rather than "teaching"

 Play rather than "teaching"  

1990 Jan 25


Background to EERG Part I

Why EERG was established in 1980  

1980 Nov

Background to EERG Part II Sept 1983

readiness for schools and flexible schoolin 

1983 2 sep

Background to EERG Part III March 1984

Childrens development  

1984 24 Mar

Background to EERG Part IV Aug 1989

flexible child-centred schooling  

1989 Aug 30


Lil G & Des Partridge 1978

Effective Parenting -  S.T.E.P. Parenting course  


Lil G talk on Child Development

EERG Meeting talk on child development   


Lil G Life Membership ECTA



Lil G and Hayden Sargent

4BC radio - how children develop + talkback  


Lil G and Howard Nielsen 1990 ABC Radio

Competitive sport at School?  




During the early years of the Early Education Reform Group, the local ABC contacted the group and asked them to provide a speaker to talk about child development and school readiness.

Lil Gwyther as the Publicity Officer for EERG took on this task, and the first interview was conducted by 612 ABC in January 1983, to coincide with the start of the school year.

The interview had so much feedback from listeners that a regular weekly slot was arranged for Lil to speak on various topics about early childhood.   Most of the sessions were taped on cassette, so the quality of the digitised versions presented here varies somewhat -  but is quite adequate to listen to.

ABC radio presenters Janine Walker and Blair Edmunds conducted most of the interviews.

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